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Consumer Leads: Corporate Lead Nurture Campaign

Apr 18, 2020 11:26:54 PM / by Ryan Grissinger


When leads come into the system (from nearly any channel), we are now entering the leads into a soft, high-level email nurture campaign with the intent of educating the customer.

These messages are meant to be a supplement to your own sales, marketing, and customer relationship development efforts.  There are currently 11 messages spread out over roughly 54 days.

The messages will continue until the customer achieves a "Won Deal" - that is, until a "Deal" aka "Job" is organically detected as being "100% Complete".

If you would like to experience the content of the email messages for yourself, you can trigger a "rapid-fire" demo by submitting the following form:

***Note: Do not enter real customers into this form***  It is for internal use ONLY.


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Ryan Grissinger

Written by Ryan Grissinger

Chief Technology Officer