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Dispatch, Dispatch: Read All About It!

May 21, 2020 1:50:39 PM / by Chris McClurg


Hopefully everybody is feeling some return to normalcy. While COVID19 has affected us all differently, we have been encouraged by the focus and dedication by the entire Dealer Network.  As Spring picks up and weather becomes more accommodating, all of your hard work will pay dividends. We have noticed a significant pick up in leads, estimates, and sprays in Dispatch.

Roof Maxx has worked tirelessly to provide a comprehensive technology solution. One that offers countless features and flexibility in successfully receiving, scheduling, completing, and invoicing jobs. All while providing the customer with a professional experience. While Dispatch provides these basic lead management services, it accomplishes a lot more (for each Dealer and the entire Dealership Network). For example, Dispatch is critical to the following functions:

  • Lead capture, funneling & distribution
  • Warranty distribution
  • Review(s) (Dispatch, Google and FB)
  • Cross-Border disputes (exclusivity enforcement)
  • Inventory forecasting and production
  • Rebate calculations
  • Regional pricing data and maximization
  • Advertising & Marketing decisions
  • Customer Demographic data
As they say, "we're all in this together!" Using Dispatch is critical in each Dealer's contribution to the collective input and utilization of the job information. If you're new to Roof Maxx or just need some additional help and guidance, we are here to help. Please use the following resources to assist you and others in your Dealership.

Need more help?

Reach out to the Dispatch Support Team

Dispatch Help Center:  OR 1 (877) 511-9748


Roof Maxx Technical Support is also here to help

Roof Maxx Help Center: OR 1 (855) 766-3629












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Chris McClurg

Written by Chris McClurg

Roof Maxx CFO & General Counsel