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Memo: Scam Warning: Cain(e) Collections is NOT Legitimate

Jun 4, 2020 7:18:10 PM / by Chris McClurg

To: All Roof Maxx Dealers

Recently, it has come to our attention that a collection agency named Cain(e) (or similarly pronounced name), has contacted several of our dealers purporting to represent Roof Maxx in collecting amounts due from dealers.
Please be advised that Roof Maxx does not or would not use any agency or other third party for collecting amounts due. EVER. Roof Maxx respects the dealers that comprise the company and make every effort to personally discuss any financial issues or other operational challenges. Your challenges are our challenges and they'll be solved together.
If you were to receive any such call or correspondence, politely terminate the call and contact We are in the process of reporting this to the proper agencies responsible for regulating and prosecuting this unauthorized activity.

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Chris McClurg

Written by Chris McClurg

Roof Maxx CFO & General Counsel