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Technical Bulletin - Acrylic Skylight Protection

May 22, 2020 12:30:12 PM / by Todd Feazel

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Please take a moment to read the new Technical Bulletin - Acrylic Skylight Protection


It's important to identify any skylights on a roof that are not glass. Skylights that are a dome style or any Sun Tunnel type skylights are made of ACRYLIC. If you get overspray on these types of skylights it will damage the ACRYLIC

It is important that you protect and cover these types of skylights with a small tarp or clear plastic visqueen securing with tape prior to a Roof Maxx Treatment.


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Please note: this and all Technical Bulletins can be found at any time in your Dealer Resources Folder:

Dealer Resources > Technical & Safety Bulletins

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Todd Feazel

Written by Todd Feazel

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